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    101Hero Pylon 3D Printer (Blue) : The World's Most Affordable 3D - B076ZWQ3VT

    • Model: B076ZWQ3VT
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      • 101Hero Pylon 3D Printer (Blue) : The World's Most Affordable 3D - B076ZWQ3VT
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    101Hero Pylon 3D Printer (Blue) : The World's Most Affordable 3D - B076ZWQ3VT
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  • Using the Consumer Version (CV) 3D printing is as easy as inserting an SD card with a design file on it and pressing a button. Your creation begins to print.

  • No connection to computer is needed, simply plug the 101Hero into a power source, insert memory card and go!

  • The 101Hero includes custom color filament and set-up is simple. You will be 3D printing in minutes.

  • Download 3D designs from the 101Hero website or create your own. You are limited only by your imagination.

  • 101Hero's small, lightweight size makes it perfect for the home, classroom or business.

  • What can I make with 101Hero 3D Printer? Just about anything! 101Hero can create single or multi-part 3D objects for endless creative possibilities including: 3D shapes and 3D models Toys, gifts, jewellery, pendants and ornaments Decorative art and fridge magnets Personalised everyday objects (iPhone cases, pens, and more!) Accessories for Lego and other popular toys Robotics and Chess pieces Useful household solutions Arts and crafts Replacement machine components Classroom and lab pieces. Everyone is a Maker We designed 101Hero to be easy for anyone to use. It's a great way to inspire creativity and curiosity in children at home or in the classroom. Use it to make toys, gifts, art and useful solutions for the home. Using the 101Hero Consumer Version (CV) simply download designs from our website onto a memory card and create directly using only the printer. With the CV version anyone can 3D print in minutes. 101Hero Grows with You From simple downloadable projects to fully custom 3D models the 101Hero can grow with you as your journey of creativity progresses. Our Designer & Developer Version (DV) is USB connectable and can be used with any Windows, Mac, or Linux based computer and supports open-source software such as Slic3r or Cura for advanced users. Simply load the 101Hero setting file and generate a custom G-code file for the printer. 101Hero 3D Printer Working Video (move down) For those who are interested to see a demonstration of a printing project from start to finish we have included this long form video. It's a chance to see the 101Hero in action from the first press of the button to the end result.

    101Hero Pylon 3D Printer (Blue) : The World's Most Affordable 3D - B076ZWQ3VT